Residential Roof Repair

At DSR Exterior Remodeling Corporation we offer a tried and rusted residential roof repair service that simply will not be beat for price, quality or convenience. If your roof has been damaged in a storm or has simply seen better days, then it is imperative that you have it remedied and returned to its former glory as soon as possible. With years of experience in all aspects of residential roof repair, there is no job too big or task too small for our skilled team of roofing specialists. Don’t take chances with inferior roofing repair teams when the number one roofing team is right here on your doorstep and available for you to use.

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You Can Rely On

If you have been in involved in an accident then the first place you will be brought to is the emergency room. Similarly, if your car or truck has been involved in a wreck then you will most likely bring it to an emergency repair mechanic to return to its former glory in no time at all. With that in mind, it makes sense that if your roof has been damaged during a storm or following a torrential downpour, then you need to call the emergency roofing repair specialists you can rely on right away. At DSR Exterior Remodeling Corporation, we specialize in the repair of all type of roofs ranging from asphalt shingles to modified bitumen and sheet metal. Our 24/7 roof repair service provides immediate and efficient responses to emergencies of all types as well as more general problems such as wind repair, fire damage, vandalism and water damage. Having catered to households of all shapes and sizes since we first opened our doors, it’s fair to say that we can cater to your roofing repair needs irrespective of how serious they may seem.

What Makes Us Different?

In such a competitive market as this, it definitely makes sense to shop around when you are looking to identify a roofing inspection service that works best for you. That being said, we at DSR Exterior Remodeling Corporation do believe that our roof inspection service exceeds those offered by our competitors. This is not just an empty promise, this is something that we fully believe in. All our roof inspection crews are fully licensed, insured and equipped with the most advanced tools and equipment. On top of that, we also ensure that all our crew members receive regular training in the latest roof inspection practices. Factor in our competitive prices, flexible payment options and client-first approach to customer service means that we should be the first number you call for a superior residential roof inspection service.


Flat Roofs

When you discover that your roof has been damaged by a storm or torrential downpour, it can be very disconcerting for you and your family. However, by investing in DSR Exterior Remodeling Corporation’s tried and trusted roof repair service, you can rest assured that your hardship will be temporary and that we will have the problem rectified in no time at all. In general, most homeowners have either a shingle or flat roof. Using our years of experience, we can design and implement a repair strategy that will solve this problem to the highest possible standard. With both roof types, we will take accurate photos of the problem and discuss the issues that we are going to address in advance of any work beginning. In shingled roofs, some of the most common problems relate to the fact that shingles can become loose and blow off. By contrast, for homeowners with flat roofs, the issues often relates to pools of water forming and stagnating in certain sections of the roof, increasing the risk of water or moisture damage to the home’s interior.